ImageCLEF 2017 - Lifelog Task - Getting Datasets

The Datasets

The development set of ImageCLEF - Lifelog Task is built based on the NTCIR 12 - Lifelog data, consisting of anonymised (faces and names removed) lifelogs gathered by a number of individuals over an extended period of time.

News: The test set is released on 20 March 2017.

Data Release Form

After having registered in ImageCLEF 2017, ImageCLEF 2017 - Lifelog Task's participants are required to sign two forms:

  • The Organisation Agreement form to be signed by the organisation to which the participants belong and sent by email to ImageCLEF 2017 - Lifelog Task organisation committee. After this, you will receive by email a unique username and password to access the data.
  • Individual Agreement form to be signed by each individual researcher whishing to use the ImageCLEF 2017 - Lifelog Task dataset. This form must be signed and kept by the organisation hosting the participant.

Access to the dataset

The datasets can be downloaded via the following links.